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Convergencia Congress

25th Congress of Convergencia, What Ethics for Psychoanalytic Practice Today?

The next meeting of the International Congress of Convergencia is scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain on May 24 – 27, 2023.

Psychoanalysis has faced resistance since Freud. Currently, it is being questioned by neuroscience and cognitivism. Various psychotherapies are competing with it, including religious ones. Some countries tend to exclude it from state health or educational institutions.

For the last fifty years, there have been many political, social, and technical changes in the neo-capitalist stage we are living through, affecting at the same time the individuals consulting us due to their discomfort and affecting us as psychoanalysts since we are all divided subjects of this scientific civilization.

Lacan proposed a writing of capitalist discourse where the social bond is no longer linked to the impossible. Scientistic ideology feeds the illusion that everything is possible and that economic growth can be infinite. There is a push to consumption that has created unpayable debts for individuals, companies, and nations. There is no longer a monetary standard to refer to, and the markets are hyper-inflated in a flight forward that is creating new bubbles. Meanwhile, social inequality and the planet's destruction have reached hard points of return.

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