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Les Biais incontournables du TDAH (Trouble Déficit de l'Attention Hyperactivité)- Landman, Patrick (French)

The Unavoidable Biases of ADHD - Landman, Patrick

Qu'est-ce que l'attention? - Landman, Patrick (French)

ISSUE 46 of The Letter - Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Psychiatry for the Person: articulating medicine's science and humanism - Mezzich, Juan E

Spark for a Stagnant Search, A $650 Million Donation for Psychiatric Research - NYTimes Article by Carl Zimmer and Benedict Carey

Book of Lamentations - Kriss, Sam

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Drug Companies: Killing Kids for Profit - Bramhall, Stuart Jeanne

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Narcissism and the DSM-V: Christopher Lasch and the Political Leftovers of the Debate - De Vos, Jan

Psychoanalysis and the post-DSM crisis - Laurent, Eric

Psychoanalysis “without the subject’s consent” - Granier, Herve

Psychoanalysis, The American Psychological Association, and the Involvement of Psychologists at Guantanamo Bay - Summers, Frank

A Letter from Division 39 to the Ethics Committee, regarding the decision to exonerate Dr. John Leso

The Website of Dr. Frank Summers

Side Effects: From quirky to serious, trends in psychology and psychiatry - Lane, Christopher

Side Effects May Include: Christopher Lane On What's Wrong With Modern Psychiatry - Cooper, Arnie

Bitterness, Compulsive Shopping, and Internet Addiction: The diagnostic madness of DSM-V - Lane, Christopher

Lacan and the Place of the Analyst: Notes on the Imaginary, the Symbolic and the Real - Jorge, Marco Antonio Coutinho

Building Person-centered Medicine through Dialogue and Partnerships: Perspective from the International Network for Person-centered Medicine - Mezzich, Juan

Ethical issues in psychopharmacology - McHenry, L.

Person-centered Integrative Diagnosis: Conceptual Bases and Structural Model - Mezzich, Juan

Analytic Act, Juridical Act: Paradoxes, Aporias, Contradictions - Mieli, Paola

Forum: Facts and Values in Psychiatric Diagnosis - Kenneth Fulford, Matthew Broome, Giovanni Stanghellini, Tim Thornton

Commentaries from World Psychiatry Issue 4:2, June 2005

Nouvelles perspectives pour le diagnostic psychiatrique : les formulations idiographiques - Pereira, Mário Eduardo Costa (French)

Pathos, violence and power: the ethical implications of Fundamental Psychopathology - Pereira, Mário Eduardo Costa

Diagnostic et aliénation ou « Docteur, mon fils est T.D.A.H. ! » - Pereira, Mário Eduardo Costa (French)

Neoliberalism - Winn, Martin

Correspondence About Benzodiazepines

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