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The Unsurpassable Horizon of Childhood: Dreaming, Reading, Writing
Salvatore F. Guido

FIRST MEETING: Sunday, January TBA 2022
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT

Bearing in mind Freud’s discovery that ‘it is even more appropriate to compare dreams with a system of writing than with language’, and Lacan’s dictum that truth reveals itself as truth in the structure of fiction, we will take as our starting point two pieces of ‘life-writing’, or bio-graphy, by writers for whom the dream is the work of a kind of writing, and the dreamer, bathed in oneiric light, is awake to the origin of life in words: Berlin Childhood by W. Benjamin, and Manhood [L’Age d’homme] by M. Leiris.

Benjamin also gave the dream a political dimension, which informed his quest for historical experience and knowledge; while Leiris, engaged over a lifetime in a unique mode of confessional writing, sought in Manhood to lay bare in writing how one ‘passes […] from the miraculous chaos of childhood to the ferocious order of virility.’

Readings will include work by Freud, Lacan, M. Blanchot, S. Kofman, and J-F Lyotard. Please note that we will be reading the edition of Berlin Childhood around 1900 published by Harvard University press.

The group will convene on Sundays, from 2 PM – 4 PM, beginning in January; specific dates to be announced.

Salvatore F. Guido is a practicing psychoanalyst in NYC. He is a member and faculty member of Après-Coup, an Overseas Member of APPI, Dublin, and an Honorary Member of Lacan Toronto. He has taught at Pratt, NYU and the New School.

Location: Online via Zoom.

Registration:Please contact Salvatore F. Guido at sfrguido@gmail.com for further details.