Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association


Ankaoua, Fabienne

End of The Analytic Treatment, Anachronistic Temporality and Immemorial Origin: Fabienne Ankaoua
Fin de cure, temporalité anachronique et origine immémoriale: Fabienne Ankaoua, French

Blévis, Jean-Jacques et Waill-Vallet, Valérie

Un jour, une analyse prend fin: Jean-Jacques Blévis et Valérie Waill-Vallet, French

Cancina, Pura

The psychoanalyst formation
La formation de l’analyste: French
La formación del analista: Spanish

Carrasco, Martín Bakero

Psychoanalysis Formations, Redundancy and Poetry of Abjects: Martín Bakero Carrasco
Les Formations de la Pyschanalyse, Redondance et Poésie des Abjects: Martín Bakero Carrasco, French
Las Formaciones del Psicoanálisis, Redundancia y Poesía de los Abyectos: Martín Bakero Carrasco, Spanish

Contardi, Sergio

Five Fundamentals of NODI FREUDIANI - Psychoanalytic Movement: Sergio Contardi
Les cinq points constitutifs de NODI FREUDIANI – Movimento Psicanalitico: Sergio Contardi, French
Italian Legislative Situation: Sergio Contardi
Situation legislative italienne: Sergio Contardi, French

Critchley, Simon

Apres Coup Introductory Remarks: Simon Critchley

Dana, Guy

Post-Infusion: Guy Dana, English
Post infusion: Guy Dana, French
Post infusión: Guy Dana, Spanish

de Rivoyre, Frédéric

The Two Knowledges of the Psychoanalyst, In Hommage to Octave Mannoni: Frédéric de Rivoyre
Les deux savoirs du psychanalyste, En hommage à Octave Mannoni: Frédéric de Rivoyre, French

Diaz, Guillermina

The Analyst’s Formation – Transmission of Psychoanalysis: Guillermina Diaz
Formation de l’analyste - Transmission de la Psychanalyse: Guillermina Diaz, French
Formación del analista - Transmisión del Psicoanálisis: Guillermina Diaz, Spanish

Didier-Weill, Alain

The universal and diversity: Alain Didier Weil
L’universel et la diversité: Alain Didier-Weill, French

Donzis, Liliana

Formation and Transmission, Body and Policy: Liliana Donzis
Formación y Transmisión, Cuerpo y Política: Liliana Donzis, French
Formación y Transmisión, Cuerpo y Politica: Liliana Donzis, Spanish

Ferrari, Lillian

The analytic act and the analyst certainty
L’acte analytique et la certitude de l’analyste: French

Fuks, Betty Bernardo

Formation of the psychoanalyst, transmission and creativity: Betty Bernardo Fuks
Formation du psychanalyste, transmission et créativité: Betty Bernardo Fuks, French
Formación del psicoanalista, transmisión y creatividad: Betty Bernardo Fuks, Spanish
La apuesta del analizante: Spanish

Gibbs, Helena

Psychoanalytic act, metanoia, conversion: Helena Gibbs
Acte psychanalytique, metanoia, conversion: Helena Gibbs, French

Grignon, Olivier

Questions: Olivier Grignon, French

Himes, Mavis

An analyst-in-formation: personal reflections; Mavis Himes
Une analyste en formation: réflexions personnelles; Mavis Himes, French
Una anaista-en-formación: reflexiones personales; Mavis Himes, Spanish

House, Jonathan

The Four Fundamental Aspects of Psychoanalytic Training: Jonathan House

Lollo, Paolo

Psychoanalysis and transmission of the knowledge: Paolo Lollo
Psychanalyse et transmission du savoir: Paolo Lollo, French

Markman, Nora

La portée de l'Acte analytique est sa transmission: Nora Markman, French

Martin, Maryse

A propos de la cure de l’analyste: Maryse Martin, French

Maurano, Denise

Linking the forms of formation: A Brazilian experience; Denise Maurano
Reliant les formes de formation: Une expérience brésilienne; Denise Maurano, French

Micheli-Rechtman, Vannina

What is the role of psychoanalysis in modern civilization: Vannina Micheli-Rechtman

Michels, André

Act and Transmission: André Michels

Mieli, Paola

Glancing at History, Punctuation on Formation. 25 Years of Après-Coup: Paola Mieli
Regard sur l'histoire, ponctuation sur la formation. 25 ans d'Après-Coup: French

Moscovitz, Jean-Jacques

The Formation of an Analyst is Innovated out of his Analysis and his Practice - Jean-Jacques Moscovitz, English

La Formation d'un Analyste s'innove de son Analyse et de sa Pratique - Jean-Jacques Moscovitz, French

La Formación de un Analista se Renueva desde su Analisis y desde su Practica - Jean-Jacques Moscovitz, Spanish

Paola, Daniel

The transmission of psychoanalysis: Daniel Paola
Transmission de la psychanalyse: Daniel Paola, French
Transmisión del psicoanálisis: Daniel Paola, Spanish

Petros, Ana

La Loi qui con-forme la formation: Ana Petros, French

Rabant, Claude

Note sur norme et normativité: Claude Rabant, French

Richards, Arnold

Discussion by Arnold Richards

Stafford, Mark

The wager of the analysand
La mise de l’analysant: French
La apuesta del analizante: Spanish

Vanier, Alain

An experience we have to control everyday - Alain Vanier

Von, Scott

From the Position of the Analysand to the Desire of the Analyst: Scott Von
De la posición del analizado al deseo del analista: Scott Von, Spanish

Webster, Jamieson

Après-Coup Act and Transmission Response: Jamieson Webster