Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association
2016-2017 Program: The Subject and the Social Link


TITLE: On Perversion
MEMBERS: Liliana Drob, Liliana Donzis, Paola Mieli, Barbara Tholfsen, Angelo Villa
PLUS ONE: André Michels
DURATION AND START DATE: 18 months; September 2016

TITLE: Translation/Migration/ Transmission
MEMBERS: Salvatore Guido, Annie Muir, Ona Nierenberg
PLUS ONE: Marco Antonio Coutinho Jorge
DURATION AND START DATE: 18 months; December 2016

TITLE: Lacan and Mysticism
MEMBERS: Andrew Stein, Chaya Pollock, and Vakhtang Gomelauri
PLUS ONE: André Michels
DURATION AND START DATE: 18 months/ December 2016

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Current Events
Après-Coup includes Participants, Members, and Analysand in Formation

A Participant is anyone interested in the field of psychoanalysis and culture that chooses to attend Après-Coup activities, workshops, seminars, etc. Participants can either choose to pay the required fee for each event attended or a fee inclusive of all activities per academic year. The fees are posted in our brochure. Records of participation are maintained.

A Member is a person who actively supports and contributes to the activities of Après-Coup and pays an annual membership fee. To become a Member, a Participant must apply to the Formation Committee. The annual membership fee is communicated directly to the Members.

An Analysand in Formation (AF) is a person who enrolls in the Formation Program of Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association. To enroll as an AF it is necessary to fill out an application and be accepted by the Analysand in Formation admission committee called the AF Admission Committee1. AFs are required to pay a fee inclusive of all activities per academic year. Payment can be in one or two installments. The fees are posted in our brochure.

The General Assembly of the Members meets one or two times a year for the purpose of discussing the activities of the Association.

Fee Policy

Annual fees can be paid in two installments. Annual fees are refundable in all cases within 15 days of each respective due date. The due dates are posted each academic year. A late charge of $40 is applied to each late installment. Individual event fees are non-refundable.

For further information please contact Martin Winn at 212 677 1147.

1 The application must be submitted along with a non refundable fee of $50. An Analysand in Formation must hold a master's or higher degree and be licensed in the field of Mental Health.

Participants, Members, and AFs