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2020-2021 Program: On the Act of Speech, Part II

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Lacan and the English Language

Jean-Pierre Cléro, Book Presentation
Saturday, June 5, 2021
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)

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The Child and Adolescent in Psychoanalysis Today
Members: Peter Gillespie, Annie Muir, Olga Poznansky, Lorena Strunk
Plus One: Angelo Villa
Started in December 2019
Will end in April 2021

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Current Events
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"Let There Be Light": John Huston's Film and the concept of trauma in the US after WWII - Ledes, Richard

Act and Image - Vanier, Alain

Acte analytique, acte juridique: paradoxes, apories, contradictions - Mieli, Paola

Acting out and the Analyst’s Responsibility - Ferrari, Lillian

Activity versus passivity - Verhaeghe, Paul

Anguishing Dreams Between the Scene and the Real - Ferrari, Lilian

Anxiety and Resuscitation of the Weaving of Existence - Saiegh, Ricardo

Bodily representations in the Baroque - Ferrari, Lillian

Comments on the Sokal Affair - Vappereau, Jean Michel

Cyberesistance Fighter - An Interview with Paul Virilio - Dufresne, David

Écrire l´exil - Burckas, Cristina

Escaping the Stain of the Real: the Biopolitics of Trauma - Kirshner, Lewis

Ethics of the unspeakable: Torture survivors in psychoanalytic treatment - Patsalides, Beatrice

Ex Nihilo – Stafford, Mark

Femininity and the Limits of Theory - Mieli, Paola

Foreign Languages and the Logical Operation of Separation – Muir, Annie

Function of the Letter and Writing in Psychoanalysis - Ferrari, Lilian

Glancing at History, Punctuation on Formation. 25 Years of Après-Coup: Mieli, Paola

Incorporer l’ab-sens pour se former au sexe - René Lew, French

Interpretation, Exile, Transmission: An Homage to Jacques Hassoun - Guido, Salvatore F.

Kant with Sade, Lacan with Adorno: "Enjoying bodies," the Ram and the Law. - Rabaté, Jean-Michel

Killing Time - Einis, Marcos

La psychanalyse n'est pas une psychothérapie - Contardi, Sergio

Le Discours Medical - Galbiati, Annick

Le sinthome fait acte de passage au symbolique - René Lew, French

Les Biais incontournables du TDAH (Trouble Déficit de l'Attention Hyperactivité) - Landman, Patrick (French)

Les discriminants spécifiques de la psychanalyse par rapport aux disciplines dites scientifiques et aux psychothérapies - Spirko, Jean

Les temps du traumatisme - Mieli, Paola

Lire Le Nom? - Blévis, Jean-Jacques

L’hystérique et le ravage - Pickmann, Claude-Noële

L’échappement - René Lew, French

Melancholia in Polanski’s movie The Tenant - Aniel, Martine

On “Constructions in Analysis” and Psychoanalytic Truth - Nierenberg, Ona

On the Formation of the Psychoanalyst - Safouan, Moustapha

Psychanalyse et sciences: du fondement du discours de l'analyse - Vappereau, Jean Michel

Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry: the French Paradox - Alain Vanier

Questions Raised by the Report of the Psychoanalytic Consortium on Analytical Training. Letter to Our American Colleagues. (French) - Mieli, Paola

Questions Raised by the Report of the Psychoanalytic Consortium on Analytical Training. Letter to Our American Colleagues. (English) - Mieli, Paola

Regard sur l'histoire, ponctuation sur la formation. 25 ans d'Après-Coup: Mieli, Paola French

Remains to Be Transmitted, Primo Levi’s Traumatic Dream - Blévis, Jean-Jacques

Resonancias - Blanca Lloret

Reste à transmettre, Le rêve traumatique de Primo Levi - Blévis, Jean-Jacques

Savoir-faire and the Analytic Act - Ferrari, Lillian

Savoir-faire in child psychoanalysis - Catherine Vanier

Se former à (l’absexe pour incorporer) l’échappement - René Lew, French

Secret Weapon - Mieli, Paola

Seminar, Class 4 - Azevedo, Beatriz

The Angelic Body of Post-Modernism - Pommier, Gérard

The Anorexic Mind - Sciacchitano, Antonello

The Cogito and the Subject of the Unconscious - Ferrari, Lilian

The End of An Analysis - Winn, Martin

The Forgotten but Unforgettable Desire of Justice - Malmo, Jane B.

The Great Mr Gatsby - Sinclair, Vanessa

The Place and Contribution of Writing in Clinical Psychoanalysis - Porge, Erik

The Question of Lay Analysis and the Consortium (English) - Nierenberg, Ona

The Question of Lay Analysis and the Consortium (French) - Nierenberg, Ona

The Reciprocal Creation of the World and the Subject - Dufour, R. D.

The Truth Criterion - Leclaire, Serge

The Unavoidable Biases of ADHD - Landman, Patrick

The signification of the phobia and the role of the Father: Punctuations on Han's case - Ferrari, Lilian

To Dream, To Err - Ripa di Meana, Gabriella

Totem and Taboo After Auschwitz - Fuks, Betty Bernardo

Verde: Some Reflections On Medically Assisted Reproduction - Mieli, Paola

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